• charlatan

    Jan Mikolášek: the herbal healer behind the film Charlatan

  • The mysterious White Lady of the Záběhlice Chateau

  • Maisel Synagogue

    Mystical gold coins helped to build two Prague synagogues

  • Perchta, the White Lady of the Rožmberk castles

  • Guardian of the Flooded Village

    Legendary Czech entry Guardian of the Flooded Village wins European Tree of the Year

  • Basilica at Strahov

    A Swedish looter met a supernatural fate in the Thirty Years’ War

  • morana

    Morana, the Czech goddess of winter and death

  • A mermaid found love at a long-vanished Prague pond

  • wallenstein palace

    Ruprecht the headless trumpeter

  • olomouc

    A practical guide to Moravian vampires

  • Štvanice Island

    Native American and African ghosts haunt far from home

  • Waldštejnská hospoda

    The ghost of a gluttonous merchant haunts the Wallenstein Pub

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