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The family that brought Mozart to Prague tried to do the same with Mesmer, but failed

Even though Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was only in Prague a handful of times, it is impossible to avoid his likeness throughout Prague’s historical center. The city prides itself on the musical connection. The operas performed in Prague are well-known, but less discussed is that both Mozart and Count Franz Joseph Thun und Hohenstein — of the same Thun family that in 1787 hosted Mozart at what is now the British Embassy in Malá Strana — had ties to Franz Anton Mesmer, the man who lends his name to Mesmerism and the concept of animal magnetism, which after a fashion became modern-day hypnosis.

There is, however, a reason you don’t see Mesmer’s face plastered all over downtown Prague. The idea of Mesmerism did not take root in the city, despite the best efforts of the Count, who tried to entice Mesmer to visit the Golden City and set up shop there.

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