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Some skeletons and mummies are all dressed up with no place to go.

Most Catholic churches have a relic of one sort or another. Many are small bone chips in decorative gold and glass cases. Some are rather mundane personal possessions of a saint or some strands of hair. The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul in Prague’s Vyšehrad fortress has the empty coffin of St Longinus, the man who held the spear at the crucifixion. The same church has a fragment of the shoulder of St. Valentine.

St. Vitus’ Cathedral in Prague Castle has an elaborate silver coffin of St. John Nepomuk, along with royal tombs as well.

But there are a few churches in Prague that have truly unsettling items. Four churches have glass cases with pretty complete dressed up skeletons or mummies. One more had a shrouded set of bones looking like a lazy ghost waiting for inspiration. Finally there is the mummified arm of a thief hanging as a warning to all who would try to rob the altar.